Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments

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Design guideline Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments


This publication is the design guideline (CUR226) for geosynthetic-reinforced pile-supported embankments.


A basal reinforced piled embankment consists of a reinforced embankment on a pile foundation. The reinforcement consists of one or more horizontal layers of geosynthetic reinforcement installed at the base of the embankment. A basal reinforced piled embankment can be used for the construction of roads or railways when a traditional construction method would require too much construction time, affect vulnerable objects nearby or give too much residual settlement, making frequent maintenance necessary.


The design guideline covers the following subjects: a survey of the requirements and the basic principles for the structure as a whole; some instructions for the pile foundation and the pile caps; design rules for the embankment with the basal geosynthetic reinforcement; extensive calculation examples; numerical modelling; construction details and management and maintenance of the piled embankment.


The publication also includes many practical tips. The design guideline is based on state-of-the-art Dutch research, which was conducted in cooperation with many researchers from different countries.


» Offering the most reliable and complete guideline available for the design of basal reinforced piled embankments.
» Featuring the most up-to-date insights in the behaviour of basal reinforced piled embankments, including The Concentric Arches model.
» Extensive calculation examples are included.
» Providing construction details and many practical tips.



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